making rose

rosé, the drink of summer, of sitting around a pool, or river or fan. A fan-dangled new modern wine served cold and pink, of all colours, pink, wine in a glass with an ice cube? This year we decided to jump into yet another new adventure (feet first) and have our hand at making rosé is our recipe (so far).

one: wake up early and start picking when the sky is still pink and the air is still cool, pick softly and carefully. what ever you do don't damage those grapes.

two: load up the truck and quickly get those precious little bundles back to the cellar before they heat up and oxidize.

breakfast break: we have been up well before mr sunshine and tasting is all part of the process.

three: press the grapes, we started them off the old fashioned way with our feet then put our 150 year old beautiful hand turned press to work. (they sure don't make things the way they used to)

four: let ferment and age till next spring....(ok so maybe step four isn't so simple as all that, maybe christophe works really hard through the entire fermentation process making sure to conserve the grapes naturally fruity flavour mixed with a hint of this and a layer of that, the alchemists perfect blend. 



Kat said...

love these shots Amanda - gives a great idea of the ambience out there in the morning.
Happy Harvest!

La Combe du Jardinier said...

thanks Kat, i hope this years vintage is going well for you guys too xx