rosemary and 'our wine'

whats so great about our wine?

I would like to start talking a little bit more about our wines with you, the little things behind around and inside our wines that have become normal and every day for us but are the little things that make what we do special. 

So here is my first post on a series i would like to call ...
'our wine' (i have never been great at titles!)

I think that making wine is a lot like making art, a wine    expresses the character of it's wine maker just the way an artists emotions seep through her brush onto the canvas. The expression of ones self can be totally conscious or, as in the case of our wine, layers of thought through and unconscious decisions melding together influencing each other, mixing and blending to create a sort of portrait of the vine, the vineyard and the wine makers personalities and experiences.

There are a lot of things about the way that christophe makes wine that leave me quite in awe but today I want to talk about his attention to detail and trust in nature. Christophe is quite frankly a perfectionist but there is a twist, he is a perfectionist that is open to the end result, letting each wine develop into it's self rather than technically trying to 'make the wine into something'. It seems to me our wine journey is more about the journey than the destination and all of the decisions we make along the way are really what defines our wines. 

This year we put bee hives in one of our vine yards, the bees  help to pollinate the grapes, because we have the bees we decided  to plant aromatic plants (like the rosemary cuttings above) because we have the plants more insects are attracted to the vineyard, attracting other larger animals, creating a vineyard part of a larger life cycle. Bees do not only help us pollinate they are also a direct link with the nature in which we cultivate our grape vines. The time christophe spends making cuttings, keeping bees, growing plants thinking about the soil and the weather is all part of the making of our wine. The fact that he takes that time and sometimes goes to great efforts even for what seams like the smallest details is what makes our wines special.  

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