Salon des vins Herault, Le Languedoc a Bruxelles

Packing my bags and ready to head off to Brussels tomorrow for a wine salon, it will be nice to trade in my work boots for a pair of heals and poor sips of wine for a few days...but a few days in the city is always enough for me, I will be happy to get back to the southern sun, my boys and all the vines still waiting to be pruned
Anyone in brussels this sunday or monday should definitely check out the salon, there are 120 different wine makers and many delicious wines to be tasted, you can find out more information on their web site here. Stop by our stand I would love to see you.

I will have a morning off, what great things should I do in brussels, other than eating french fries (cause I will definitely be doing a lot of that!)

happy week end

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