moving on...

In france we are blessed with four seasons and in this house hold we live them fully, like an old pair of cut off's in the summer or hand knitted woolly socks in the winter. In this part of the world each season puts it's face directly into yours and sticks it tongue out at you. Summer has never felt so hot nor winter so cold. Spring and autumn burst forth with each of their distinct colour palettes. This is a place where it's hard to ignore what's going on in madame nature's private bed room, even when we are indoors most of the time. We especially notice the seasons come and go when most of our extra-circular hours are spent around the lunch/dinner table because around here we eat with the seasons. Each season doesn't only bring a new wardrobe but also the possibility of entirely new dinner menus. There is nothing more exciting than a summers first tomato or autumns first squash, rich wild meats in the winter and springs first wild asparagus. Each of those tastes are made even more remarkable because we wait for them, give them time to pop onto our plates when they are good and ready to be tasted and enjoyed.   

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