harvesting the grapes, the beginning and the end

Farming grapes and making wine is very much a circular thing, the seasons and stages loop around through the year and so the harvest for me, is both a beginning and an end, it's about both the past and the future. We pick in celebration of and thanks for a season of growth and we carefully bring our treasures to the cellar with hopes and expectations for the smooth delicate wines they will become.

This years vintage has arrived. Like each year there is excitement for the future and  honouring of the past. With our feet stuck in the dirt and our hands stained blue we spend our days out in the sun and the wind picking and cutting hauling our precious plump grapes out of the fields. At night with our skin tanned brown and the grapes fermenting down stairs we climb in to bed with tired muscles and with our hearts filled with joy we sleep well, dreaming of the sweet silky wines to come.    

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