when we are not tending to the vines, picking grapes, making wineworking the soil, bottling wine, sharing wine, selling wine.... well we don't get much time off around here what with this wine business, not to mention our pass times like keeping bees, growing a vegetable garden and running an art studio. 
(in my next life i am going to be a sloth and learn to slow down.)
i love running our own wine domain and all the pleasures that go along with creating a product we truly believe in and are passionate about but it's hard to shut off and take a break so our little trip down to Barcelona was like a breath of fresh air.

Barcelona is a fantastic city to visit with kids. we chose to focus on Gaudi and started with the 'sagrada familia' on our first night, seeing it at night only adds to the magic. after a lot of wide eyes and "holy cows" we celebrated our first night in the city with a very late dinner of tapas, the boys loved the tiny portions and the staying up late.

in Barcelona you can't walk far with out running in to a gaudi building, my kind of tourism with kids. we wandered the streets people watching, eating ice cream and checking out the amazing architecture.
 parc guell is possibly my favourite moment of our trip. we packed a basket full of snacks, wine and some funky hand made glasses and enjoyed it all in a space you really have to see to believe.
thanks jo anne and clinton for the wonderful time, i am so glad to have shared it with you.   


Sylvia said...

Looks like an ideal holiday.So happy to catch up with you

Jo-Ann Bruetsch said...

Oh, seems like sooo long ago already. Was so much fun. Lets go back.

La Combe du Jardinier said...

yes let's definitely go back.....
the boys are still on about it regularly. xo

Kategvf said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there with you!!! it seems like yesterday we drove down with Emmanuel and you changed his diaper on the front lawn of the Miro Gallery.

Miss you all loads!