knee deep in red wine

(the incredibly shrinking woman)

Knee deep in red wine and happier than a pig in shit.

There is something quite magical about finding some one to love then building something you truly believe in together.
This little wine domaine couldn't have been born by either of us on our own, it's sorta our little baby and watching it grow we both have our hearts in our mouths more often than not. i always knew growing up that i wanted to live my life full of passion and pride.....oh the woes of a romantic. A little older now, i am a little more practical but i couldn't be happier, my hands deep in grapes, in it together with the man I love, making magic, making wine. 

p.s Technical explanation:
I am actually working here, i am emptying a tank to be pressed. When we bring in the grapes just after being picked we put them in a tank, there they sit slowly becoming wine...meaning the natural sugars in the grapes change into alcohol. The skins and seeds of the grapes separate from the juice and sink to the bottom of the tank, when the 'vinification' process is over, meaning all the sugar is alcohol we then take out the already separated juice (wine), empty the the skins 'the marc' into our press and press them. This is a very important process as all of the colour and a lot of the flavour comes from the skins. The juice that is pressed is very rich and heavy, it's called 'the press' it is then mixed in with the rest of the juice and rests in a tank or oak barrels for about two years.          


Rohan said...

And I though I had the good life!!!! Teach me to make wine!

La Combe du Jardinier said...

we would love to teach you all we know.......just as long as you do the cooking! (wonder what you could do with wild boar)

whampam said...

hey amanda
love your blog...wish i had time to do the same - our lives and ethos are very similar here on the south coast of australia. see oranjetractor.com
merry christmas

La Combe du Jardinier said...

thanks for having a look whampam,
looks like we have an awful lot in common, great to see we are not alone.