It is frosty down in the south of France these days, we even got a very little bit of snow yesterday. Pretty much three snow flakes one on top of the other but it was enough to get the boys whooping with delight. There is something so magical about snow flakes floating down from the sky. 
Today the sun is out and the snow is long gone but it's still too cold to be pruning so I am sticking next to the fire.

Maybe when the boys get home from school we will watch this and dream of a land where snow falls by the foot. 

Thanks for the photo Geoffry. 


AdiMon said...

I live in Germany, and am from Puerto Rico. In the beginning it is magical but when you get 6 months of winter and 3 months of snow and bitter cold I would give anything to live in the south of France. But anyway it is beautiful. Some friends brought as a present one of your wines and it was amazing, we finished the bottle! I loved it, that is why I goggled you. Where can I buy more? Or I need to visit you to get it? Thank you very much! Adisel.

la Combe du Jardinier said...


I know what you mean about the long winters, I am originally from Canada and definitely thank my lucky stars for the comparatively mild winters.
I am glad you enjoyed our wine. Unfortunately we don't import our wines into Germany. We can send wine in the mail but shipping is expensive. The best way is to come and visit us, that way you get the southern sun as well!
Hope to see you down here one day.