the new 'cuves'

'Cuves' are large tanks made from 25 cm of reinforced concrete, ours were built sometime in the 1920's or 30's when each house on our street had set of their own. At that time every house on our street had a working cellar, mostly making wine as a lively hood. Times have changed, today more than half of the 'cuves' on our street have been demolished. We are the only working cellar and the only actual wine makers left on rue Bacchus. 

We separated our two cuves into four enabling us to use them not only for the fermentation but also as 'cuves de gard', where the wine will age until it is bottled. The heavy 25 cm thick cement walls protect the wine perfectly from outside temperatures allowing the wine to develop and mature more safely during it's fragile first year. 

Christophe built two walls dividing the cuves, sealed the old trap doors replacing them with new modern traps as well as adding new modern taps. He then had to meticulously add a thin layer of super smooth concrete to all of the walls and ceilings. He did a fantastic job, I am looking forward to this years new vintage.  

The new traps

Last years vintage, taking the skins and juice out of the 'cuve' to press after fermentation.

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