and so the storie continues

Three generations ago Christophe's great grandparents put their hard earned pennies together to buy the vines we call La Combe du Jardinier. They worked the vines and soil as we do now, with their hearts and their hands and although I was never able to meet them they often pass through my mind as I am pruning or weeding or harvesting. There is something so simple and reassuring to see our past as we head into the future. Christophe learned much of his way in the vines following his great grandparents as our boys do with us and so the story continues. 
There is a small cabin sitting at the side of the vineyard, it was built around 1949 and has watched the last three generations grow and move along. Christophe's great grandparents Benita and Pierrot used to sleep in it as the trip from the village to the vines was too far to make daily by foot. Over the years feet have been replaced by tires and the cabin became less of a necessity and has slowly gone to ruin.
But the story continues.
Christophe and I decided to fix it up as a place to welcome our guests on our walking tours, wine tastings and visits to the vines. Somehow the planets must have been in line and listening because they sent us Uncle Clinton and Aunt Joanne. Clinton settled him self into our work shop and created a gift we will never forget. Now they too are a part of this story, all the way from Canada with their hearts and there hands they have become a part of our land.

Thank you Clinton and Joanne for adding to our story and for leaving us something so beautiful.  
Lets raise our glasses, to the future and to the past.

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