la toilete, the loo, the privy, the throne

who knows what a 'cuve a merde' is? i certainly didn't, but one learns something new every day. 
'cuve a merde' directly translates into (excuse my french) 'shit tank' and that is exactly what it is. before modern day plumbing came to Beaufort (in 1976) each house was fitted out with a large tank in which the residence waste (shall we say) was stored. 
When we bought our house the tank had been empty for long enough that any trace of it's former past had turned to dust and disappeared. so we ignored it, until we decided to add a bathroom to our almost too small tasting room. our designs came up with a privy too small to turn around in and an obligation to put in one of those ridiculous mini sinks too small for any one to wash their hands in (we hate those sinks!)
then a light bulb turned on and we looked at each other and said "the cuve a merde" what better place for a lavatory, (it's almost poetic!) so we made a door way, chipped off the outer layer of the tanks walls and gave them a good lime wash(just to make sure) and now i am learning to plaster. can't wait till it's done and ready for the customers! 

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