it's a family affaire

one of the bigest bonus's of our job of growing vines and making wine is that it's our job, that we are in it together. it's a life style as much as a job and i love how much we can enjoy and share it as a family. the boys have always found their place in the vines with their secret hide outs and special climbing trees but sometimes they are eager to get in on the work we are doing. they are so motivated it makes me smile to see the pride they take in working the vines well. 

the chance to know their environment, the importance and their connection to the nature around them, the passing seasons and the worth of a hard days work  is an education they will always be able to bring with them where ever they end up as adults. not to mention how fun they are to hang out with and how darn cute they look taking the pruned wood out of the vines. 

life flies by, and kids grow up fast. i feel so lucky to have the luxury of enjoying so much of this time together.

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