2011 seams to have zoomed by leaving me a little bewildered as to where the time goes and why it's going so quickly. Before we get too deep into 2012 I though it would be nice to take a little look at what we did down here on the Domain last year.  We had a great third year.....starting to grow little roots and starting to get the swing of this business of wine. Thanks to everyone who came by to help us out and share in the rewards.
Cheers to a wonderful year.

      in JANUARY we were in the vines pruning, pruning pruning!

FEBRUARY we enjoyed the almond blossoms and dreamt of springs warmer weather.

in MARCH uncle Clinton and aunt Jo anne came over and built us a master piece, we are forever grateful.

APRIL marked our seven years of wedded bliss...

summer came early. MAY had us barefoot.......and busy.

We treated the vines with a mixture of milk and stinging nettles....

we planted our summer garden,
 ate springs rewards (féve)
                                        and opened our tasting room.

Grandma and Grandpa Turner came to stay for the month of JULY, that means lots of hikes, bike rides, beaches and ice cream! 
We love when "granma" and "grampa" come  to visit.

We took a little break in AUGUST  and sat on the beach in Tamariu (Spain). It was great to recharge the batteries after a busy summer of tours, tastings and markets.

SEPTEMBER we were busy in the fields picking grapes, this years harvest was five days of picking. We were lucky with great weather and wonderful helping hands. We harvested our new carignan for the first time and successfully harvested our grenache, cincault and shiraz as usual. The harvest was once again a celebration and magical time.


OCTOBER had Christophe busy in the cave, this years vintage is very exciting with some new wines to look forward to and excellent results so far. I skipped off for a week end in Toulouse with the 'Tourment' for their second annual artisan market and festival on the canal, the wine was enjoyed with wonderful music and a fantastic ambiance. 

in NOVEMBER we tasted all of our oak barrels and I must say I am pleasantly impressed, well done you Christophe.

In DECEMBER we brought La Combe du Jardinier to Holland, the three wines were a great success, thanks to 'le vin des cousins' for such  warm hospitality. 
And yes, that is Christophe on a bicycle! 

Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 

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