metamorphosis, hibernation, coming home

well metamorphosis might be a strong word but, i can say a lot has happened for us since my last post (so many moons ago), our little wine domaine is growing and maturing, aging into something i am very proud to be a part of. we started out 5 years ago full of big ideas and a (little naive) enthusiasm. it really feels like the last five years of hard work are starting to pay off, what some people thought were just our crazy dreams are actually a reality now. from 2013 all of our wines are 100% sulphite free and our vines are practically fending for them selves, healthier then ever with only a few plant based treatments per year. 
I am so excited to be back on the blog and cant wait to get into the details of all the amazing developments in the vines and in the cave at La combe du Jardinier. i am also pretty pumped to be sharing this space with mr La combe du jardinier, Christophe will be adding his french flare and his technical expertise to the blog. we are back!

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